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sizegenetics australiaIt is the dream of every man out there to have a penis that is above average in size. It makes a man feel better about themselves, boosts the confidence in life and makes them even perform better during sex. Sometimes however nature is not very kind with us and you might find that your size is below average or you could just want to have a bigger penis than you already do. This is where the services of a penis extender come to play.

A penis extender helps to increase the size of the penis both in length and in girth. Getting a good, safe and reliable penis extender today can be a real hassle considering all the counterfeits and sham products that are in the market. This is why we chose to write this review of Sizegenetics to help you in Australia and beyond get the real product, that is FDA approved which will give you permanent results in the least time possible. With SizeGenetics expect to have more than an inch of length after only three to four months of using the device properly.

Sham products in the market will not provide the type of tension that Sizegenetics provides while others are not made to even extend your penis in any way. This review will lay down to you all the important stuff you should know about SizeGenetics in Australia.

What is Sizegenetics?

SizeGenetics is a penis extender device that is made in the USA and is FDA approved for use. This is one of the few devices in the market that has a medical device certificate. It is made of premium materials and comfort of the user is kept at heart. Besides just being comfortable the device is also known to be very effective.

SizeGenetics is one of the few devices in the market that have been tested clinically and proven 100% to be effective. It has also got a lot of endorsements from doctors and even media personalities not because they have been paid to do so but because they put the device to the test and saw real results.

SizeGenetics is sold in three different packages depending on the one that you prefer. The most recommended is the Sizegenetics ultimate package because it comes with many accessories. This is followed by the comfort package which as the name suggest offers the user better comfort than the third package which is the value edition. The value edition is the least recommended because with it you buy only the device with a user DVD. It doesn’t come with the comfort pads that you get with the other devices.

How does size genetics work?

Size genetics works by using traction. The 2800g of tension on the device cause strain on the muscles of the penis more so the Corpora Cavenosa. This is the part of the penis that carries blood when you have an erection. So what happens is the muscles or tissues of the corpora cavenosa are pulled by the weight of the extender until they are broken. When they break, the body responds by building more tissues that are stronger. This eventually leads to an increase in size of the penis.

Think of this as a bodybuilder that goes to the gym everyday and pumps to his best ability. The muscles get torn when you workout and the body responds by building more muscles that are stronger. It is best to combine the extender with exercises like jelqing for the best results.

Does size genetics really work?

From everything we have come across about SizeGenetics we can conclude that this device really works. First of all, SizeGenetics is an FDA approved gadget. It has a medical device certificate. This is very important for you, the user because you can be sure you are dealing with a safe tested and proven gadget. FDA approval doesn’t come easy.

The SizeGenetics extender has also been in the market for over 20 years. If it were a scam gadget it would have been wiped off the face of existence a long time ago. There are many real testimonials of SizeGenetics given by people who have used SizeGenetics and seen real results. SizeGenetics was created based on a principle that has been to work on other body muscles and the penis muscles are no different.

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Benefits of Using SizeGenetics extender

  • SizeGenetics is FDA approved
  • SizeGenetics is clinically tested and proven to work
  • SizeGenetics has a medical device certificate
  • It is safe for use
  • It gives quick results
  • Results from SizeGenetics are permanent
  • SizeGenetics straightens bent penises

How to buy sizegenetics Australia

You can get your SizeGenetics even if you are in Australia. You place your order online on the official SizeGenetics website. On this website you can be able to choose the package that you feel suits you best. When you have placed the order the package will be shipped to you in Australia ASAP through the fastest mail at an agreed small cost.

When you make your order of Sizegenetics from the official website you are sure that you purchase the real deal. You also benefit from a six month money back guarantee if the device doesn’t work for you. They will refund every single cent you used on the purchase. You do not have anything to lose with SizeGenetics Australia.


We recommend SizeGenetics to all men that want to have a better sexual life, a bigger penis both in length and girth and those who want harder erections that last long. SizeGenetics penis extender will give you all this benefits and will make you feel much better about yourself. It will also make your partner happy. Most of the men who have used SizeGenetics have reported that their partners are happier with their performance in bed. Size genetics is safe and certified. You are therefore assured that nothing will happen to your penis provided that you wear it as instructed and do not overdo it.

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